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Easter Hunts

With Easter coming up and the country on lockdown, we thought it would be nice to share some fun Harry Potter themed Easter Hunts you can do at home. You can adapt them any way you want and use different clues to suit your home. These can be done both indoors and outdoors. Feel free to share yours on our Facebook page Enjoy.

The Great Hippogriff Hunt
Hippogriff Hunt.jpg

Hagrid hasn't seen Buckbeak for weeks. He wants you to help find him. Grab a Hippogriff teddy or toy (if you don't have one use a different teddy and pretend). Hide it somewhere n your house/garden. Leave clues in different areas of your home in order, so the final clue points the way to the Hippogriff. We have three clues you could use, but feel free to use your own and add more if you wish. 

Buckbeak Hippogriff Hunt.JPG
Pixie Roundup

Professor Lockheart has left the Cornish Pixie cahe door open and they have all escaped. Can you track them down before they cause all sorts of mischieve around Hogwarts.But remember to use the spell Immobulous to stun them before grabbing them.

Click the piicture for a printable sheet of Pixie's and hide them around your house and garden.Then grab your wand and find as many as you can.

Cornish Pixie.png
Hogwarts Lockdown

Hogwarts is on Lockdown! He Who Must Not be Named has threatened an all out attack, so the school is taking every precaution to keep its students safe. Before he goes into lockdown, Harry needs to make sure he has a few things. But he can't remember where he put them. Can you help?

Click the picture for a print out and cut each picture out and hide them around your home. Once all are found Harry can get to Hogwarts .

Hogwarts Lockdown Items.jpg
Horcrux Hunt

It's time to defeat Lord Voldemort once and for all. To do that you have to destroy all of the Horcrux's he has made. Make sure you find them all!

Cut out the pictures and hide them around your home for your children to find.

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