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Magical Visits


At Camp Hogwarts we are always looking at ways to bring the magic of the Wizarding World to life. Weather through our enchanting activities or by some of our amazing visits, a day at Camp Hogwarts is truly magical. From birds of prey, reptiles, mammals and insects found in the Harry Potter series to magical magicians, we have some wonderful and exciting visits happening throughout each year.

Birds of Prey

We are lucky enough to work with Berkshire Birds of Prey who provide an unforgettable experience for the children. With flying demonstrations, a chance to hold the birds and getting to learn new things, each visit is truly special.

Owls are an integral part of the Harry Potter series and the owls brought along never disappoint. As well as the many types of owls, we also get to meet other birds of prey (relatives of the Phoenix, Augrey, Thunderbird and Hippogriff) including Harris Hawks, Kestrels and Falcons. And with a knowledgable and fun team of handlers in charge, the children come away with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Ranger Stu

Fantastic Beasts, here's where you find them! Ranger Stu and his amazing animals are always a popular visit at Camp Hogwarts. Get to know some of these amazing animals and how they are similar to those in the Wizarding World. From stick insects, snakes, owls and even an armadillo, each day Ranger Stu attends is always magical.


Newt spleens, Salamander blood and snake fangs are just some of the potion ingredients found in Harry Potter. See the animals they come from when Zoolabs attend our camps. They bring some wonderful animals to visit us including rats, lizards, frogs, toads and many others. It's certainly a magical menagerie.

Theo the Magician

As if there wasn't enough magic at Camp Hogwarts, we bring along Theo the Magician. And what an amazing magic show he puts on. All Harry Potter inspired, the children (and staff for that matter) come away in wonder, with the phrase 'How did he do that' being a very common phrase used afterwards. 

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