October Half Term

Join us during October Half Term for some frightfully good fun at Camp Hogwarts in Motspur Park. First off, marvel as Camp Hogwarts is taken over by the Dark Arts on Monday 24th October, every activity will have a Dark Arts twist to it. and then join us on Tuesday 25th October where we will be having a visit from Berkshire Birds of Prey.

Camp Hogwarts

Calling all Muggle children! Have you ever wanted to spend the day like Harry, Hermione and Ron? Sign up to Camp Hogwarts and spend the day taking classes like Potions, Charms & Defence Against the Dark Arts. Learn how to wizard duel and gain an understanding of some of the plants and creatures in the Wizarding world in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures class. Plus lots more Wizarding activities to take part in.

Camp Hogwarts will be running at The Scout Centre, Arthur Road, Motspur Park during October Half Term.

Monday 24th October: Dark Arts Day, £40 per child

Tuesday 25th October: Birds of Prey visit, £40 per child.

Each day will begin at 10am and finish at 3pm.

Camp Hogwarts Quidditch Hi Res.jpg

Warner Bros Studio Tour Trip

To round off our Summer of Magic we will be running our first ever trip. On Friday 19th August we will be visiting the Warner Bros Studio Tour (or the Harry Potter Studio Tour as some muggles know it as) to visit the sets, costumes, animatronic creatures and loads more treasures from the Harry Potter films.

The day will start at 10am at The Scout Centre, Motspur Park, where children will be dropped off for a mini camp Hogwarts, taking part in a few Camp Hogwarts activities to build the excitement.

Then we will travel by coach up to the Studio Tour and spend the day there, having the most magical time. We will head back onto the coach at around 5.15pm and hope to be back in Motspur Park for around 6.30pm.

Children will be given a Quidditch for Muggles baseball cap to wear and then keep as a memento of the occasion.

This trip will cost £95 per child, which covers the cost of the tickets, travel there and back, a Quidditch for Muggles baseball cap, and most importantly for parents, hours of freedom as the childcare is handled by us. To book please find the tab below.

Warner Bros Studio Tour.jpg