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Camp Hogwarts


Have your children always wanted to attend Hogwarts just like Harry? Now's their chance.

Our all day Camp runs in the school holidays and gives children the chance to spend a day taking classes just like the children of the wizarding world. It's a magical way to spend the school holidays. Children will learn new skills, make new friends, be active, indulge their imaginations and above all else HAVE FUN.

We feel it is important for children to be themselves and thrive in a supportive, caring, fun and nurturing environment and that's exactly what they get at Camp Hogwarts. We aim to deliver the most magical day for each and every child that attends.

The classes the children will get to take include:

Charms Class

Defence Against the Dark Arts


Potions Class

Care of Magical Creatures

Muggle Studies

Flying Lessons


Wizard Duelling



The Tri-Wizard Tournament

And so much more.

And if your thinking your child has to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy our camps, think again. All children have the best time at Camp Hogwarts. We have had plenty of children who haven't read or watched a Harry Potter book/film and they more often than not sign up again for a future camp.

Each camp is run by a number of staff with years of experience in working with children in schools and holiday camps. They are the best people to help make your children's day the most magical it can be. Every staff member has up to date DBS checks, Safeguarding and First Aid qualifications.

Our camps are aimed at children from 5 to 12 years old and prices begin at £40 per child per day.

Our next camps will be during February Half Term, where we will be running a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince themed day, a Magic Movie and be introducing an new class.... Ancient Runes.

Please visit our February Half Term page for more details.

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