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Quidditch at Home

Unfortunately, due to "The Virus that must not be Named" taking hold around the world, children in Britain are no longer allowed at school and must stay inside for the majority of the day. 

We have made a few videos to help kepp children active during this time and at the same time awaken their imaginations to the world of Harry Potter.

Each of the following videos are of a different element of Quidditch and are mini games that can be played in the garden or any open space (even indoors if you have th room). If you don't have the proper equipment available you can subsitute them for something else (a stick instead of a broomstick, a rolled up pair of socks instead of a ball etc).

The idea is to keep children and adults active, whilst having fun and enjoying some time as a family.

We hope you like them and feel free to share your videos on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Beat the Beater

Diagon Shooting Alley

Quidditch Match

The Golden Snitch