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Activities at Home

With schools being closed and the muggle Government enforcing lockdown we know it can be hard to keep the children entertained while at home. We have made a few Harry Potter themed quizzes to help stifle their boredem.We will be adding more activities in the coming weeks so please check back regularly for updates. Click the quiz for a bigger picture and the answers.

Philosophers stone quiz.jpg
Chamber of Secrets Quiz.jpg
Philosophers Stone 
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz.jpg
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix
Goblet of Fire Quiz.jpg
Order of the Phoenix Quiz.jpg
Half Blood Prince
Half Blood Prince Quiz.jpg
Deathly Hallows Part 1
Deatly Hallows 1 Quiz.jpg
Deatly Hallows Part 2
Deatly Hallows 2 Quiz.jpg
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Film) 
Fantastic Beasts Film Quiz.jpg
Crimes of Grindelwald
Crimes of Grindelwald Quiz.jpg
Fantastic Beasts
Fantastic Beasts Quiz.jpg
Hogwarts Quiz.jpg
Hogwarts Staff
Quidditch Quiz.jpg
Staff Quiz.jpg
Death Eaters
Name the Death Eater.jpg
Design a House Crest
Design a Crest.jpg
Hogwarts Students
Name the Hogwarts Student.jpg
Design a Quidditch Kit
Design a Kit.jpg
Name the Pet
& Owner
Name the Pet.jpg
Gryffindor Quiz
Gryffindor Quiz.jpg
Slytherin Quiz.jpg
Slytherin Quiz
Dark Wizard Quiz
Dark Wizard Quiz.jpg
Hufflepuff Quiz.jpg
Hufflepuff Quiz
Ravenclaw Quiz
Ravenclaw Quiz.jpg
Diagon Alley Quiz
Hogsmeade Quiz
Diagon Alley Quiz.jpg
Hogsmeade Quiz.jpg
Patronus Quiz
Patronus Quiz.jpg
Board Game
Harry Potter Boardgame.jpg

Print out the picture below to play the game. Just supply your own die and counters.

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