Covid-19 Guidance


Below is some information that should give you a better understanding of how we are working to stop the spread of the disease within our sessions.



At the moment we our Quidditch sessions are unable to take place as the game can not be social distanced. Once Quidditch UK (the governing body) give the go ahead for Quidditch to resume we will look at getting our sessions back under way whilst following the current guidance at the time.

Birthday Parties

Our Quidditch birthday parties are unable to go ahead, but we can do our new Parties of Witchcraft & Wizardry. The parties can cater of up to 15 children and all participants must be socially distanced. We will only provide activities that can be played whilst socially distancing including potions, spells and a few more. Each child will have their own equipment to use on the day and all equipment will be cleaned thoroughly before each party and after use. Surfaces will be cleaned before and after use as well and hand sanitiser and hand washing will be compulsory between activities.

Camp Hogwarts

Our Camp Hogwarts sessions can run and will follow the latest Government Guidelines for Out of School Clubs. We are changing the camps to half day, rather than full days to limit the amount of interactions with others. There will be a maximum of 15 children allowed to attend each session and all children will be expected to social distance from others (except if they are from the same household). Each child will have their own equipment to use and will only take part in activities that can be socially distanced such as potions, spells, Care of Magical Creatures and more. Activities that can not be socially distanced will not be used. One way systems will be used to enter and exit the building at pick up and drop off. Parents will be asked not to hang around. All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly before, during and after each session. Children will only be allowed to go to the toilet one at a time and must wash their hands after each visit. A staff member will stand outside and supervise the toilet run, making sure children are social distancing whilst waiting for the toilet. Parents and children will have to use hand sanitiser upon entering the premises and children will be required to wash hands or use hand sanitiser after each activity and at the end of the session. Hand sanitiser will be provided. Toilets will be cleaned before and after each session. Any first aid treatment will be administered by staff members whilst using PPE (gloves and face masks). Gloves will be discarded immediately after use.


Anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 or who have come into contact with anyone with symptoms will be unable to attend sessions. If so happens someone at the session develops symptoms all parents will be immediately informed, as well as the venue.

All staff members will be given training about the Covid-19 guidelines and how each session will run and their roles and responsibilities regarding this.

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