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Summer Holidays

We are so excited for our Summer Holiday programme this year. We have all the fun, excitement and magic that Camp Hogwarts has to offer, but also visits from Ranger Stu and his animals, owls and other birds of prey and a magician, as well as a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix themed day and some Magic Movie days on top. Coming from three venues across South West London, it certainly is going to be a Summer of magic.

Starting off our Summer Holiday programme we land our broomsticks at The Roche School, Wandsworth for four days of pure magic, including a visit from Berkshire Birds of Prey and their owls and a Magic Movie day (a showing of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone).

Each day costs £50 per child  (plus £10 per child if staying for the extended hours Magic Movie) and is aimed at children aged 5-12 years old. Each day runs from 10am until 3pm (5.30pm Magic Movie).

Monday 10th July

Tuesday 11th July (Birds of Prey visit)

Wednesday 12th July (Magic Movie Day)

Thursday 13th July


Camp Hogwarts     Wandsworth

Camp Hogwarts Chessington

Camp Hogwarts is returning to Chessington this Summer. Coming to you again from Shrewsbury House School Sports Ground, Leatherhead Road, Chessington. We've got acres of room to create the most magical camp ever. There'll be magical beasts in attendance, potions to brew, spells to cast and a game of Quidditch or two.

Tuesday 1st August 10am-3pm

£45 per child

James Armadillo.jpg

Camp Hogwarts       Motspur Park

Returning once again to our Flagship venue at The Scout Centre, Motspur Park this Summer. We'll have Berkshire Birds of Prey rounding off our Summer programme, but before that a visit for the first time ever from Theo the Magician, who will be doing a Harry Potter themed magic show, a returning visit from Ranger Stu and his amazing animals, a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix themed day where all activities will have something to do with the fifth instalment of the Harry Potter franchise and some more Magic Movie days (Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban).

Prices here are £40 per child per day (£10 extra per child for Magic Movie days if staying) and run from 10am until 3pm (5.30pm for Magic Movies).

Monday 24th July Magician Visit

Tuesday 25th Magic Movie Day (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Monday 7th August Ranger Stu Visit (Mammals, reptiles and creepy crawlies)

Tuesday 8th August

Wednesday 9th August Magic Movie Day (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Thursday 10th August Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix themed day

Friday 11th August Birds of Prey Visit

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