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Themed Days

Camp Hogwarts is a theme all on its own, but that doesn't stop us from putting on some truley amazing themed days! Whether it be for various holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Easter or just some extra fun for a particular day. There's plenty of magic to be found.

Werewolf in fog.jpg

Dark Arts Day

During every October Half Term camp we hold Dark Arts Day, to further get in the Halloween spirit! Take part in Defence Against the Dark Arts classes and encounter things like Boggarts, Dementors and Cornish Pixies. Learn the Unforgivable Curses and use them in Wizard Duels, find lots of dark and dangerous creatures. Encounter Death Eaters, monsters and even the Dark Lord himself! As well as plenty of other surprises in store. 

And always watch out for Werewolves in the fog!

Fantastic Beasts Day

Have you ever bowed to a Hippogriff? Encountered  a family of Pygmy Puffs? Gone on a Niffler treasure hunt? No. Well you can on our Fantastic Beasts day. Taking place at various times of the year, get to know the creatures of the Wizarding World a bit more and take part in activities themed around these majestic creatures. You'll be more excited than a Mooncalf on a full moon by the end of it!

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Story Days

Our Story Days are a great way to experience the Harry Potter stories from a different point of view, by actually being in it!

Each Story Day is themed around one of the Harry Potter books/films and follows the plot of that story with the children taking part in activities found in that book/film and playing out pivotal parts of the stories. 

Search for the Philosophers Stone, open the Chamber of Secrets, search for the Escapee from Azkaban, take part in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, as well as so much more!

Keep an eye out on our holiday schedules to see what book/film will be coming up for our Story Days.

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